Men’s basketball has something to prove

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley College men’s basketball team will begin the season ranked No. 9 in the Heart of America Athletic Conference. 

This only means that the Vikings have a long road ahead of them if they intend on moving up in rankings.

“I feel the team is better than ninth place,” said Small Forward Darrell Watson. “We should be at least top five in my eyes.”

The Vikings’ performance in the previous season is the main reason they are ranked lower in the conference this year. When it comes to progression of this year’s team Watson said the team is different than last year.

“The team has improved from last year and we have more options of players this year,” he said.

There have been new additions to the team this year, and some are bound to help the team produce a better season.  Junior Casey Jackson said the team now has something to prove.

“We could’ve been higher,” he said. “I feel disrespected. We have good chemistry as a team, and my main expectation is making the national tournament.”

The Vikings will have to play strong throughout the season against teams ranked above them if they plan on making a difference in rankings. Of course, they can’t overlook unranked teams, because they could feel the same way as the Vikings. 

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