Grant makes history with 17 receptions

By Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

Wayne Grant is a name that will go down in the history books of the Missouri Valley College football team. Grant now holds the record for the most receptions in a single game after pulling in 17 passes against the Central Methodist Eagles 

“I had to keep making plays and keep making plays,” Grant said. “Jake [Bridges] kept finding me. I never really knew I had a record after or in the game because I was not focused on how many catches I had. I did not know until I was on the bus. A few teammates came up to me after the game and that is when I found out about the record.”  

Grant came into college as a quarterback.  As the receiving corps lacked and fell short of players, Grant made the decision to change over for the team. 

“I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world,” Grant said. “Best decision of my life. It was easy for me. By being a quarterback I knew the entire offense.”

Grant is currently ranked No. 2 in the nations in receptions per game and 14 in the nation in total receiving yards per game. He is the most targeted receiver on the football team for the 2019-2020 season.

Grant averages a little over seven receptions per game with 84.1 yards  per game according the NAIA website.  

Kyle Guinyard, the wide receiver coach, had nothing but good things to say about the recervier.

“We just found the hot hand,” Guinyard said. “He came out making plays early…getting upfield making blocks. I was stressing to the offensive coordinator and head coach he is someone we have to get the ball to in order to win.”

Guinyard attributed Grant’s success to his work ethic, which he said is second to none.

“I worked at another school in Texas before here and even with combining there and here, Wayne is still without a doubt the hardest working player I have ever had the honor of coaching,” Guinyard said. 

Grant said he never looked to set personal records. It has always been about the team wins, while he knows and acknowledges the record.  He is just ready to compete in the next game trying to go out and get the win.

The game following the historic reception game Grant lead the Vikings again in receptions and reception yards with five receptions for 101 yards in a losing effort.

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