Top 5 Best Jokers

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

The Joker is an iconic villain, perhaps the most famous of all the foes faced by Batman over the years. In addition to his long run in the Batman comics, he has appeared numerous times on television and in film, most recently portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. All these appearances begs the question: Who was the best Joker of them all?

5) Jared Leto is number five, because when he played “Joker” the character was more of a kingpin, reason being he was in the clubs with Harley Quinn as if it was normal for him to be in a setting as such.  Not to mention there were too many times when had a serious look on his face when Joker is known to be in a playful mood no matter how serious the situation is.

4) Cameron Monaghan did very well as Joker in the Gotham TV series, because he showed how crazy the joker could be but he could’ve have been diabolical with his plans, because some didn’t seem planned out all the way and that’s just how the Joker operates.

3) Jack Nicholson set the bar pretty high as the joker but the back story didn’t play well into why the Joker is known for being sadistic and driven to obtain power over the city of Gotham.

2) Joaquin Phoenix played this role phenomenally, his laugh was spot on, the storyline made perfect sense, and it lets the audience know why he was so crazy and what his breaking point was.  Also, it just seemed like he was having fun with being this character. 

1 Heath Ledger is hands down the best Joker of all time. Ledger brought everything he had when it came to portraying this character.  He was witty, had iconic lines, and a lot of crazy to go with it. This Joker planned out everything, and if he wanted to get caught by batman or hurt someone then it would happen on his command.  Also, he was a master of persuasion.

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