Butner to present on domestic violence

By Erika Moreno / Delta Staff Writer

Criminal Justice major Milisha Butner wants people to know what she knows about domestic violence. 

She decided to do a Senior Research Symposium project on the topic because of everything that she saw this summer. She had an internship and she would see a lot of cases of domestic violence. 

Butner also watched the news and she said that a lot of the things on there was about domestic violence. She knew things could get bad but she didn’t realize the fear that the person could have towards their partner. 

“Reading about it made me want to understand more, especially going back on my own experience,” Butner said. 

Although Butner wasn’t physically abused, she was still controlled.

“I was being controlled and being told when and what you can and can’t do by someone who feels that they have the right to control you,” Butner said.

Same sex relationships can be tricky to understand when it comes to domestic violence because it can hard to see which one is the batterer and who’s the victim. Butner said that it can even be both ways. 

Butner hopes to bring more awareness in the future to the community about domestic violence because it’s out there but most of the time people are to scared to talk about it. There isn’t enough education on a lot of things and this is one of them. 

When it comes to domestic violence their are so many different forms. Control, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse & Intimidation, Isolation, Verbal Abuse: Coercion, Threats & Blame, Using Male Privilege, and Economic Abuse. 

She personally feels that the most common unseen is mental. However the most common is physical. The research that she has done has led her to see more physical abuse with men hitting women.

However there is a case in the United Kingdom where the women is constantly annoying him at first and as time goes by she doesn’t allow him to sleep. As time goes on she beats him up more frequently.

Elizabeth Davis said: “Domestic Violence that the college community needs more awareness of and we do one love, normally in October however this year we didn’t get to but we definitely need to implement that and have more ambassadors for one love.”

Courtny Moran said: “ I think domestic violence happens a lot and it’s not out their in the world because people hid it from each other and your spouse can be verbally or physically abusive to you and you could just cover it up with make up or put a smile on your face and act like everything is perfectly fine. I definitely think it’s a big issue in today’s society.”

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