Cheer team gearing up for competitive season

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

It’s almost that time of the year when Missouri Valley’s cheer team has to prepare for their competitive season, meaning it’s another opportunity for them to get another banner hung in the Burns Athletic Complex.

It’s a lot to expect from the Vikings this year, especially by having a new coaching staff. There are some promising freshmen on Moval’s team this year, which means more talent to enhance the team’s performance.

One freshman that seemed to have some stand out attributes is Cierra DePrisco.  DePrisco mentioned that some of their top priorities in practice is going through formations, and tumbling.

Practice for the Vikings are three days a week from 4 to 6 p.m., with two days dedicated to open mats, which the team use as extra time to improve on some of their stunts. 

When it comes to competition season only a select few make mat, and midterm grades will determine that for the team. The team’s chemistry is in the works is what it seems like from talking DePrisco.

This being DePrisco’s first year cheering on the college level, she has a lot to adapt to. 

“The college experience is difficult, but I like a challenge,” she said.

When it comes to expectations DePrisco has the same as many, and that is to win a national title. The Vikings will also be led by some seniors who has experienced the national level multiple times.

Senior, Kendall Smith is in his last year of eligibility for cheer and is trying to help his team perform at their highest peak.  In Smith’s opinion, the team’s chemistry is still progressing, because of having more free time, and it seems like they’re forming a stronger bond between every practice. Smith also had nothing but positive things to say about his new coaches.

“The coaches are extremely certified, and they allow us to incorporate our own moves, but they’re also bring in moves they learned from other places,” Smith said.

The team has a lot of attributes, but when asked which were the strongest, Smith believes it is the fact they have veterans on the team and a lot of talent. 

Another senior, Kendrick Rivera brings a lot of flips to the Vikings performance every year. Rivera mentioned that the team has a lot of young talent but a little rough around the edges. He also expects to win another conference title and place top three at nationals.

“I’m looking forward to something new when it comes to our routine, something people haven’t seen in the NAIA,” Rivera said.

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