Disney has done it again

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

Disney has recently came out with a new application where many people can watch multiple Disney movies or shows, no matter if they’re old or new. 

Today’s children have missed out on some of the classic movies that Disney has made, because they’re too young and it was before their time. There have been many classic movies such as “Goofy Movie,” “the Luck of The Irish,” and “Double Trouble.” 

This app gives everybody who purchases it the opportunity to relive their childhood and gives some the opportunity to watch what they’ve missed out on, movies like the Toy Story trilogy. Many children who are 15 and younger don’t recall when the first two Toy Story movies premiered in theaters. 

In my opinion, this app is a smart investment, because since Disney owns networks like Fox and Marvel the variety of movies are larger than expected.

The viewers can pick from comedy, action, and more without being disappointed. It doesn’t matter what age the viewer is, because Disney hasn’t failed any age before. 

There are some 30-year-olds who are probably watch Disney plus with their children throughout the week. One movie that I am especially happy about that is on Disney Plus is, “The Incredibles.”

That movie alone entertained numerous amount of people to the point that when there were talks of a part two coming out nobody hesitated to go see it. 

There were people who haven’t even seen the first one, but wanted to see the second because they heard the hype about the first one. Not to mention that the Incredibles built 10 years of suspense before revealing that there was a chance of them making a return. In the end, Disney made another classic and this movie can be found on the Disney Plus as well.

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