Campus mourns fallen cowboy

By Chardonnae Parker / Managing Editor

Missouri Valley College suffered a tragic loss over the holiday break with the death of freshman Tucker Depew who died in traffic crash while driving to a rodeo.

News of Depew’s death was first confirmed in a Facebook post from Missouri Valley College Rodeo.

“Streets of gold! Can you imagine? Beyond comprehension. Free will: what a great gift given! Yesterday evening, our teammate Tucker Depew entered the Kingdom,” the statement read. “As we understand by the Missouri State Trooper’s report, he lost control of his Explorer on ice, went down an embankment north of Bethany, and passed away.  Tucker was headed to Des Moines, Iowa to the World’s Toughest Bulls & Broncs.”

The post went on to describe how excited Depew was to qualify for his first professional rodeo appearance.

“He couldn’t believe he got in! ‘Briar & Nick Pelke, they didn’t get in Coach! I did on my permit, I’m supposed to go!’ Free will: Tucker was so excited to be entered and he would have borrowed a boat to get there if there would have been a flood,” the statement continued. “What a unique child of God! Gifted and talented, Tucker could typically be found doing leatherwork. When he got his sewing machine together, he couldn’t contain his excitement. ‘A bunch of orders Coach, I’ve got to get this leather out of here!’ He was truly an artist. Our prayers go out to his family, teammates, and countless friends. His ‘yessir’ and grin will be greatly missed at Mack Porter Stables.”   

As his friends and teammates returned to campus, many shared their remembrances of this incredible young man’s life story.  To him life was more than just rodeoing, he knew there was a bigger picture to follow.  Students and teachers all over the campus grieved for Depew.  

Dewpew was known for his tremendous talents and was recognized with many different awards while participating in both high school and college rodeo. Depew was also known by his close friends and family for his talents playing the guitar.  Depew’s teachers all used one word to describe the young man: “Amazing.”  

Dewpew’s body was taken to Roberson Funeral Home in Bethany where his close family, friends and community members could lay him to rest. 

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