Students worry about COVID 19 corona virus

By Chardonnae Parker / Managing editor

With reporting by Ruya Sakomoto

The number of new coronavirus cases are growing around the world. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention says the virus mostly spreads from person to person but the exact cause of spreading is still unknown.

The outbreak was first noticed recognized and diagnosed in China. It first appeared in December and keeps spreading around the world.

It’s baffling experts searching for the source. More than 1,700 people died and more than 70 thousand people are infected in China so far. There are 15 cases confirmed in the United States. Missouri Valley College students show a variety of opinions about it.

“I know it started in china and Asia. I know it started to spread to all the continents. I know it’s coming to America,” said one student.

“I’m worried. It’s happening all over the world, so I’m worried,” said another.

“I read something that it’s in San Antonio, Texas and I’m from Dallas, Texas. So, it’s kind of concerns me it could easily spread throughout the whole state or anything,” added a third.

In condensed places like a campus, virus can easily spread. In order to avoid getting sick, CDC recommends maintaining good hygiene. Some viruses are highly contagious and how a virus spreads person-to-person can vary. The CDC reports the risk to Americans is still very low.

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