BSU celebrates Black History Month

By Chardonnae Parker / Managing Editor

The world is full of historic days. Each month there are national observances and February is Black History Month. People all around the world celebrate Black History and many college campuses do things to celebrate black history.

Many diverse schools have different groups, clubs, student unions, or fraternities and sororities to help students connect with likewise people. Missouri Valley College offers three specific groups dedicated to different cultures. One group is the Poly Club also known as the Polynesian Club.

The other is the International Club The other group is called the Black Student Union. These groups are recognized for showing and teaching others about their cultures and sharing with people from the same culture.

The Black Student Union hosts a gang of different events throughout the year. However, BSU does just a little bit more during the celebratory yet educational national month of black history.

Recently the Black Student Union began its new journey with a new Union President. Freshman Cierra Deprisco is a competitive cheerleader at Missouri Valley College and is now the president of the black student union. Her first order of duty is getting members to join get ready to plan events to celebrate Black History Month.

“We are a small group and we want to expand.” said Deprisco. “So possible making flyers and posting them around campus. Getting more interaction especially in the month of February”

This year events had more engagement just as Desprisco hoped for. The union tried to make all events on nights where Missouri Valley College athletics did not host a home match.

“Being in school and part of the dance team it is hard to attend the events in the past” said Christal Adams, a Black Student Union member. “This year was easier for everyone who wanted to attend.”

A list of different events the Black Student Union participated and sponsored in are:

Wild n Out

Sip Hip Hop and Paint

Once a week meetings’

Soul food night

Poetry and rap dance slam

Fashion Show

Following black history month students have already requested more event like the ones about more often

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