Quarantine becoming a part of the student experience

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

According to official information, there are currently 27 active cases of Covid-19 on the Missouri Valley College. In addition to these confirmed cases, dozens more students are under quarantine for possible exposure.

So what do college students who are used to going out every weekend and hanging out with their friends do when they are on a 14 day lockdown? 

Paula Williams, a senior nursing student, recently came off a quarantine imposed because her roommate tested positive for the virus. Williams said her roommate reported not feeling well one day and chose to go get a diagnostic test to see what was wrong with her. After it came back positive, she and the school were both notified of the results. 

Paula and her roommates were all called to the student affairs office to be notified that their roommate tested positive and that they would have to be quarantined for four days. After those four passed they would have to be tested to see if they were positive or not. 

Dr. Heath Morgan, vice president of student affairs, spoke to each individual separately to figure if they were having any type of systems and told them when they were able to get tested.

During quarantine Williams did the little she could do in her room. She said she would just do homework and watch Netflix the whole time. Public safety would constantly come by to check on them and bring them their meals, giving them anything they had at the cafe. Williams said she is happy to be out of quarantine and back to doing her daily schedule as a student at Missouri Valley College.

Devohn Cruz, a junior on the Missouri Valley College wrestling team, recently left quarantine after actually having Covid-19. He felt awful in general, with constant headaches and body aches.

Cruz said he became sick two weeks ago and chose to go to the nurse and get tested. When the results came back in, he had tested negative. Not too long after, he felt worse than before and chose to get retested at the hospital. That test came back positive and the quarantine started from there.

During his quarantine, Cruz would spend his time playing video games and watching movies. Other than that, he would just sleep.

To leave quarantine, he had to discuss his recent symptoms with the Marshall health department. And depending on his symptoms he was allowed to leave and now he is back to wrestling and participating around campus. 

Missouri Valley College is taking precautions to prevent their students from catching or being around anyone with Covid-19. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways for students to protect others around them.

“Wear your mask,” Cruz said. “Covid sucks.”

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