Updated: Student reports use of racial slur on campus

By Adam Balkin / Delta Staff Writer

As protestors, athletes and other public figures try to shine a line on racial injustice in the U.S., a student at Missouri Valley College has reported being called a racial slur during a class discussion.

Nadir Hazly, a junior on the football team, said he was in class when the exchange between several students took place.

“We were in class and she called me and another student the N word ,” he said. “And then when I went to explain why she can’t say that, she laughed and said that’s how she always talks. I felt disrespected because of the weight that word holds.”

The use of racial epithets is a violation of the MVC Student Code of Conduct. The policy lists “racial, ethnic or sexual comments the demean or defame” as prohibited.

According to the campus crime log, Missouri Valley College has had a total four encounters this year where a student made verbal comments to another student that were in violation of the Code of Conduct. 

The incident was reported to Heath Morgan, Vice President of Student Affairs, who is in charge of addressing these issues on campus.

“We did get a report from the professor of academics that there was a disturbance in his class and myself and Colin Smith (assistant athletic director) actually went and found the young man because we wanted to make sure everything was ok,” Morgan said.

Morgan went on to say this case was handled like any other.

“When any complaint is filed, the college will open an investigation and try to interview all parties and witnesses we can and then we come up with a decision or a resolution at the end of that,” he said. “The college does not tolerate discrimination on the bases of race, sex or ethnic origin”

Without commenting specifically, Morgan did confirm that the student who used the slur did receive disciplinary action for her remarks.

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