What happens to student emails after graduation?

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer

Many students use their campus email address for things other than just the messages that the school sends out. Students sometimes turn these school emails into their main email or another main source of contact information, but what happens to graduating seniors who have been using a school email for the last four years? 

Jason Rinne, the systems administrator for the IT department at Missouri Valley College, said students can actually choose to keep their student email after graduation. The email will go through a transition phase where it will go from a student account to an alumni account, he said. 

Once the student graduates they receive an automated message stating how they are able to keep their email and transition it to an alumni email address by a link. They will have six months from the date they received the email to switch over to the other email or it will be automatically deleted from the system. 

After clicking the link the individuals have to answer three questions regarding the email address. The individual will receive an email two weeks before the email address is fully deleted. That email is just another reminder letting that alumni know that they still have time to keep their email address they used as a student. 

After going to the change of the student to the alumni account nothing else in the process of that individual’s email changes. The emails and information that the person had within their email before will still be there. The user of that email is still required to not violate the usage policy and they have to remain active on the account. 

Payge Farewell, who recently graduated from Missouri Valley College, did not know as a student that she would be able to keep their emails. If she had known earlier that she could have kept that email, she would have.

As of right now Farewell still has the chance of applying for her previous school email to be saved, but she is probably just going to allow it to be deleted.

“I would have kept my email but I did not want to get spammed by the college,” Farewell said. 

Cierra Burries, who is also a recent graduate at Missouri Valley College, chose to keep her college email due to the fact of keeping in contact with her old advisors and teachers. And that it comes in handy when in need for recommendation letters. 

Joi Reynolds, a current senior at Missouri Valley College. said she doesn’t anticipate having a use for her school email after she graduates this coming May. Reynolds said she has her own personal email that she already uses for non-school purposes. She said she most likely will just switch over to her personal email instead signing up and using the school email address. 

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