Most students want to move to online learning

By Adam Balkin/Delta Staff Writer

A recent article published by Inside Higher Education quoted several Missouri Valley College students who said attending face to face classes during a pandemic was causing them fear and anxiety. A recent poll shows these feelings may be more widespread.

The Delta conducted an in-person poll of students in the Burns Athletic Complex and the Malcom Center Bistro and found that the majority of them want to transition to online learning. Of the 100 students surveyed, 85 percent were in favor of taking classes remotely, compared to only 15 percent who wanted to remain in face to face classes.

According to the Missouri Valley College website, there are only three active cases of Covid-19 on campus, but the college has had several outbreaks among its sports teams with football, rodeo and women’s soccer all seeing students test positive.

Missouri Valley has tried to minimize those outbreaks by requiring masks everywhere and by having everyone do a daily check up on the Campus Clear app. The college has even taken it a step further by mandating a no guest policy, which forces students to have a non-social semester. 

Despite these changes, most students said they would rather see the college transition to distance learning.

“Every week the number of cases go up, they have yet to prove they can keep us safe on campus and the Campus Clear app is worthless,” said senior football player Ronnie Warren. 

Although most students rather be online, there are a select few who think that it is better to stay face to face.

“I personally feel it is necessary to continue face to face class because there is an important engagement element when we share the same space,” said junior Sione Moli. “I feel more comfortable when I can communicate with my instructor in person alone with my colleagues.” 

College administrators have said previously that they are monitoring Covid-19 levels but don’t have a threshold that would trigger the cancellation of in-person classes. With less than six weeks left in the semester, it appears the intention is to remain face to face for the duration.

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