NAIA revises position on athlete compensation

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has announced that it is set to pass a liberal name, image and likeness policy to allow athletes to be compensated for their sports.

Marsha Lashley, Missouri Valley College Faculty Athletics Representative, said that in the past the NAIA did not allow student athletes to be compensated for their name or even likeness. By this rule changing, it can allow many schools to sell products or allow student athletes to make public appearances. 

As of now there is no set amount that a student athlete can receive due to their likeness or name. It all depends on how much that athlete is liked and is not determined by the NAIA. 

Colin Smith, assistant athletic director, said Missouri Valley College will follow certain guidelines set by NAIA under the NAIA amateur code, which will allow any student athlete to receive compensation for promotion of products and other services. 

“This is a landmark day for the NAIA, and we are happy to lead the way in providing additional opportunities for our student-athletes,” said NAIA President and CEO Jim Carr. “The time was right for the NAIA to ensure our student-athletes can use their name, image and likeness in the same ways as all other college students.”

Ariana Chapa, freshman softball player at Missouri Valley College said she would enjoy it if student athletes would be able to get compensated for the use of their likeness or even name.

Trinity Van Gels, a freshman lacrosse player, also agrees with the legislation that the NAIA is passing. Both women believe that by being compensated they will be able to help their families even more than just passing their classes. 

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