Flatliners to host costume contest

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

COVID-19 is causing many people across the country to reconsider their Halloween plans, but the Flatliners are moving ahead with its annual costume contest.

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Missouri Valley College improv troupe will be in residence at the Morris Experimental Theatre for its Halloween show, which will include the costume contest. Doors open at 8:45 and the show begins at 9 p.m.

Due to COVID-19, the Flatliners are having to change how they perform their shows and how many people are able to watch them perform in person. 

The performers use markings on the floor to help keep distance between themselves when they are performing. It’s not just the performers who are being social distanced, but also the audience. Th Flatliners are only allowing 12 people into the MET to keep them socially distanced. 

Even though numbers are limited, the costume contest will still be the same. Those who are participating in the costume contest will go on stage and the remainder of audience will pick the best costume. The only difference will be that masks will be required during the whole thing.  

For a chance to win the costume contest, a good costume would be original, something to make someone think that it was a good idea or even that is so cool. But also at the end it is up to the audience who has the best costume. 

All the prizes are kept secret until the night of the costume contest, but there are several prizes that people could win. 

Kaylee Hering, who is a member of the Flatliners, said things are very different due to COVID-19. Usually during their performances they are able to be close to each other such as touching a shoulder to show comfort or even hold hands to show a relationship. At first, Hering said, it was pretty difficult and performers had to learn how to show comfort from a distance. Despite the challenges, being to perform now is such a privilege in general, she said, adding that it allows them to find unique ideas to show those movements. 

“Thank you all for your support of the troupe,” Hering said. “I hope to see some killer costumes our there on Tuesday.”

Hering is not sure on what she is going to be for the costume contest, but has an idea for a bumble bee or even a clown because she has a mask to match both outfits.

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