Winter weather makes brief appearance

By Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

When it comes to the weather in Missouri, it can vary in many ways. One day it can be up to 80 degrees and then the following day it can be down to about 35 degrees. It is usually very odd for it to snow before Halloween, but this year it was different. 

When it snows at Missouri Valley College, students who are from different states and countries who do not receive snow and are more tropical than others are very excited to see snow for the very first time. 

Joelle Natividad, who is on the softball team, is from Warwick, Queenslands, Australia. This was not Natividad’s first time experiencing snow since she did attend a junior college in Kansas, but she is always amazed by the snow and loves it every time. 

Even though it is not new to her, she feels as if it is a new experience every time she sees it since it never gets that cold back home for her. Since she has dealt with snow for a while now, she feels as she is starting to get used to it but not when it comes to the amount of layers and jackets that she should wear to stay warm. 

And by the time she gets back home for summer break in the states, it is their winter time in Australia so it is not much of a difference so it becomes pretty normal to her so it has its benefits. 

Even though she has experienced a couple of winters, she still has had the chance to build a snowman or even go sledding. Those are a couple of things that Natividad still wants to do while the snow is still on campus. 

Kayleigh Blaney, junior on the Women’s Golf Team, is used to the snowy weather due to the fact of her being from Illinois. 

This is not her first time seeing snow since at home they usually get snow on a daily basis around this time of the year. Sometimes their snowfall is even worse than what people who live in Missouri see. She usually likes more of the warmer weather than the freezing cold.

When it is forecast to snow a lot more, Blaney plans on making snowmen and even going sledding. She is hoping for the real snow to come very much later in the year instead of sooner, but either way she has advice for students from warmer climates.

“Wear a hat and gloves, make sure you bundle up!” said Blaney. “You’ll get used to it eventually.” 

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