Could housing at Valley get better?

By Adam Balkin/Delta Staff Writer

The housing at Missouri Valley has its ups and downs. Students have complained about almost every dorm except for Viking and Valley village and to be fair, all of the dorms should be similar to Viking and Valley.

To live in Viking or Valley requires a GPA and you have to be a junior or senior. The dorms have single rooms, a kitchen and one bathroom. Me personally, I haven’t gotten the chance to live in either, but I always had friends who have gotten in them. 

Missouri Valley room and board is 9,400 which is a lot of money. The only normal dorms are Viking and Valley and I say normal because every other college dorms are all like Viking and Valley. It’s full of space, and you have your own space and you only share the bathroom with your suitemates.

The other dorms here at Missouri Valley are either doubles or triple. Many contemporary students grew up with their own bedrooms, and perhaps even their own bathrooms, and may recoil from sharing their personal spaces with that mysterious stranger, the roommate or hallmate.  

Missouri Valley College should build more dorms and allow students to choose a better option. Dorms like Mac, Young, Morland, Blackburn, and Roberts are old looking and made up like some form of jail. The dorms have a weird super 8 motel smell and it’s just a turn of for college students.

The college should tear these older dorms down and build newer ones. I believe this will help with the retention rate and give students a more comfortable college experience. 

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