Students need more dining options

By Courtney Cole /Delta Staff Writer 

When it comes to the cafeteria at Missouri Valley College it can have both its pros and cons, from the food to even the sauces choices that we are able to choose from. Here at the school we are served 19 meals a week, 5 days a weeks we are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for Saturday and Sunday we are only served brunch and dinner due to the fact that everyone usually does not get up until 11. 

When thinking about a school cafeteria, people think more as what meals of that day will the cafeteria be serving. I personally think our school does a good job of having different options for its students.

 But on the other hand some things could change due to the fact that it could have a little more options in some other areas of the cafe. Such as there is one part of the cafeteria where there are always different options for people, but I feel as if it should be another area like that. Or even adding another area within the cafe that could allow students to have another option even though they do not like that different option of that day or even the usuals that the cafeteria serves everyday. 

Also Missouri Valley College has plenty of students who do not eat certain foods such as pork. During the breakfast portion of the morning they serve different meats for students to have an option such as bacon or even sausage. But what about those students who do not care for the meat of those categories?

I think by allowing students to have two different options of meat for students who do not eat pork they can also have protein for their morning meal. Such as turkey bacon, which has become popular to some people because it is much more healthier than pork bacon. 

Since Moval is more of an athletic school, many people ease towards the healthier ends of the food spectrum. That would usually include rice, fruit, and even salads. But sometimes when students receive those types of foods, they are not fully up to par. Such as they are either sometimes spoiled or even just overcooked. 

I feel as a solution for students to be happier, I think that the fruit and vegetables should be delivered everyday due to the fact of it being fresher and ready to serve for the students and staff. As for the food not being fully cooked, I feel as the school should hire professionals to cook instead of allowing students to cook. 

Just like any cafeteria, they all have their problems that people would like to fix but they also have their qualities that everyone loves. 

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