Q&A with LAX’s Derren Thompson

By Courtney Cole/ Delta News Reporter 

Derren Thompson,who is part of the Men’s Lacrosse Team at Missouri Valley college. He is a senior in the classroom but a junior on the field. He is graduating this coming May. 

Who are you and where are you from? 

I am Derren Thompson and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. 

What made you come to Missouri Valley College? 

I came to Missouri Valley College to play lacrosse but another reason is because they offered me a good amount of scholarship money. Tataro, who used to be the old lacrosse coach, offered me the most money so that is the main reason why I came here.

Do you miss home and why? 

I do sometimes but not all the time because I do live off campus here so home is basically both Maryland and here so I do not always miss home but I do enjoy it when I do get the chance to go back home. 

Is there anything that you miss from home that you are able to do there, that you are not able to do here being in Marshall? 

The only thing I miss would be being able to work. I know that I am able to work here but since it is a much smaller town it is harder to find jobs. I also miss hanging out with my friends from back home and family since I do live here the majority of the time I barely get to see them. But it is also nice that I get to have my own space. 

What are your goals when it comes to playing lacrosse here at Missouri Valley College? 

My goal every year since I have been here is to win a state conference championship and get back to the national championship. 

When were you guys at the national championship? 

The year before I had arrived on campus, was the year we had made it to the nationals and my freshman year, we had made it to nationals but had lost in the first round. 

How did you feel when you tore your ACL?

Ummm I was really sad and it had gotten to the point where I was kind of depressed. Eventually I had gotten through it with the help of the trainers, friends, and family. And I think I am all good now. I do not let it affect me in any type of aspect and I constantly keep pushing for greatness. 

How do you think the recovery process was ? 

I think the recovery process went really well. Vince was a lot of help when it came to my physical therapy. He worked with me by having me doing different exercises where they would push me to keep going. These exercises would hurt but I know they were strengthening me.  It was a very long process and took lots of time but every step of the way was worth it. 

How long did it take you to fully recover ? 

I think it took me about a year and some change to fully recover. 

Do you think you fully recovered for do you feel as it still affects you in some kind of way? 

I do not think I am fully fully recovered because it comes with aches and pains that are associated with it but I can play so everything else is just pain that I have to deal with. 

Since your injury, how do you think your playing has been? 

Playing has been fine, I have not really had any problems with my knee that would affect my playing. So I would say that I am all good. 

What are your plans after you graduate from Missouri Valley College? 

I plan on getting my certification to become a personal trainer and doing that and eventually open my very own practice. 

Do you plan on staying in Missouri or moving somewhere else? 

No, I plan on moving back home to Maryland and eventually moving somewhere else. I have been thinking about moving to Texas and that is where I think I will fully live for a while. 

Any quotes for the future athletes or graduates? 

Yes, “keep going because it is all worth it at the end. Never give up on your dreams!”

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