Dancers, cheerleaders recognized as All-Americans

By Courtney Cole / Delta Staff Writer 

When it comes to the athletics and sportsmanship that Missouri Valley College has that is reflected off their athletes, there are a few that surpass the rest and those who are students who become All Americans. 

Miyu Shito, a Senior on the MissourI Valley College Dance team has been announced as a two-time All-American this year. Shito was very shocked on how the judges did the actual judging, this year they were more strict and only allowed 10 dancers to try out for the All-American title. 

To make this dream happen, she would constantly stay within the gym after practice to constantly go over and focus on her All-American routine. Another thing that she would do was to film herself after every dance. With this she would catch her mistake and easily correct them. She also saw that by going full energy every practice and dance routine would perfect her technique. 

Shito’s family and her best friend were the main people that pushed her to get this far. Although she was not confident in her dance abilities sometimes, her best friend was there to push her to be confident. As for her family, they show how proud that they are of her and that they make her feel happy and protected, especially her father, who deals with all of her media such as radio, magazines and tv when she is back in Japan. 

Shito will be graduating this coming December and plans to keep dancing and one day will open her own dance studio for kids after she goes to graduate school and become an I/O psychologist. 

“Your next chapter is going to cause some people to wish they had treated you better,” Shito said. 

Edil Salinas, a freshman on the Missouri Valley College cheer team who has also recently become an All American this school year. I was thrilled when she found out that she had received the honor of being an All-American. She was one of out 11 other people in the NAIA  competitive cheerleading. With just having this achievement it drives her to be on the top of her game. 

To prepare for this, Salinas would constantly be in the gym, correcting her skills and making improvements. She knows that she consistently keeps going. 

Salina’s future goal is to continue to be an all american by continuing to work hard on everything she does as well as stay committed and motivated. Her family, friends and coaches are the ones who pushed her through her cheerleading career and supported her no matter what if it was failures or achievements. 

“Hard work beats talent,” Salinas said. 

Dancers Amaijah Ibrahim, Amber Newsom and Amber Postlethwait were all given Honorable Mention All-American awards.

On the MVC Cheerleading team, Rylee Mills was named All-American and Aleigh Pierce received an Honorable mention.

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