Students can attend home sporting events under revised spectator policy

By Kevion Long/ Delta Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College has updated its Covid-19 Spectator Policy due to decrease of COVID cases in Saline County, allowing students to attend home sporting events, regardless of venue.

On Nov. 12, 2020, Athletic Director Tom Fifer announced a new spectator policy based on COVID safety protocols. This new spectator policy consisted of no students being allowed to attend indoor winter sports activities. The spectator policy also stated that each athlete is allowed two guests, meaning only family.

“The reason for this policy was to keep the number of covid-19 cases low before sending students back home for Winter break,” Fifer said.

The Spectator Policy was then updated on Feb. 26, for spring sports, allowing Missouri Valley College students to be guests at outdoor home athletic events. Even though students were allowed back to outdoor events it did not change the policy on indoor home athletic events.

The policy was relaxed further on March 29. Under the newest version of the polcy,  all Missouri Valley College students will be allowed to attend all home sporting events, regardless of venue.  Missouri Valley College faculty and staff will still be allowed one guest per event.  Family members of Missouri Valley College student-athletes are also allowed attendance to their specific sporting event. 

Missouri Valley College students, faculty and staff will need to present their MissourI Valley College ID.  Also, for postseason tournament competitions hosted on-campus, Missouri Valley College is allowing up to three family member guests per visiting student-athletes to attend their specific competition. 

All spectators will be required to wear a mask and social distance while in attendance, and will be subject to a temperature check upon arrival.

Some athletes have found the various spectator policies to be problematic, but see the reasoning behind them.

“I don’t really see the need for the spectator policy due to the fact Missouri Valley College COVID-19 case numbers are so low, but I know that those rules are in place for our safety so I understand,” track athlete Tyrese Lee said.

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