Short cafeteria hours draw complaints from students with busy schedules

By Cody Hohenberger/Delta Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College students are finding it very difficult to get food from the dining hall due to their busy schedules.

Many of the students enrolled at Valley are athletes and have busy schedules during the day including classes, team lifts, meetings, and practice.  The coaching staff at Valley have to structure practice around the cafeteria hours to make it possible for students to get a meal before they close.  This makes it a battle for space and time to get practice in for each program at Valley. 

“It’s inconvenient because we have to plan practice based on what time dinner is and dinner ends too early,” said varsity soccer player Keit Garibay. 

Other students sometimes miss dinner completely because they only have a few minutes to get there before the doors shut. 

“I believe as it closes too early,” said Mario Najera, a football player at Valley. “Whenever we get out of practice we only have about 15-20 minutes and by that time they are either out of stuff or putting it away already. I sometimes am not able to eat dinner and if I have money for dinner, it’s usually junk food like McDonald’s or Taco bell which isn’t good for my body.” 

The President of the College and Dean of Operations for Missouri Valley have a contract with Fresh Ideas, the food supplier for the dining hall, and determine what hours they are allowed to open for operations. The dining hall opens for dinner at 4:30 in the evening and closes at 7pm and on the weekends closes at 6pm. Students believe it should be the same for the weekend as it is for weekdays.

“It should at least be open the same times on the weekends or open for another hour on the weekdays so that we have time to get some food,” said Randy Wright, another varsity football player. 

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