Theft, burglary reports on the rise

By Shu’ron Thompson/Delta Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College’s Department of Public Safety reports indicate there have been 10 cases of theft or burglary during the current academic year, up previous years.

Data collected by the college show six reports in each of the last two years. The current total is still below the peak of 18 reported cases in 2017.

Nick Boehmer, director of public safety at Missouri Valley College, said there is one easy thing students can do to help protect their belongings kept in their rooms and vehicles. 

“Keep your doors locked at all times,” he said.

According to the non-profit group GreatSchools nearly half of all crimes reported on college campus are theft-related. The organization offers the following tips:

  • Don’t leave phones or laptops unattended on desks or tables.
  • Don’t keep IDs, credit and debit cards or other valuables in backpacks
  • Invest in a dorm safe for small valuables
  • Keep an inventory, including serial numbers, of items in your dorm
  • Consider a renter’s insurance policy to cover electronics and other valuables. 

While the number of theft and burglary crimes reported on the MVC campus this academic school year is low, it should be noted that the total number of these crimes is unknown. The Delta’s reporting uncovered several individuals on campus who have actually been stolen from and didn’t report it due to the fact they didn’t think anything would be done.

 A victim of theft at Missouri Valley College, spoke out on their experience when it came to being stolen from.

“A couple of weeks ago, someone took two Nike jogging suits out of the dryer and they left all my other clothes,” the student said. “I didn’t report it because this is not going to help me get my clothes back.”

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