More than half of students own Crocs

By Zahir Williams/Delta Staff Writer

It’s been 20 years since Crocs were first unveiled and since that time the rubbery, lightweight, and slip-resistant shoe has become popular, particularly with young people.

A recent survey of 100 students on campus, found that 56 students have owned or currently own a pair of Crocs. A common response about the things they liked most about crocs were the comfortability and versatility of the shoe. Many of those students wear Crocs on many different occasions and in many different settings.

There are many features to Crocs that make them useful in different situations. There are different ways you can wear the Crocs for a more fashionable look or for a more athletic fit. There is a rubber flap attached the shoe that can be worn to the front and just rests on top of the Croc or flipped to the back, also known as “sport mode” for you to be able to perform just about any movement in these shoes, almost fitting like a sneaker.

Having Crocs on brings so much attention to you on campus. When seen on campus wearing Crocs, it’s almost like a reunion, said student Keyshia Montgomery.

“On campus, I bond with other students because of my Crocs and I love them,” she said.

When the conversation sparks about Crocs on campus, you will hear many different stories and experiences, even something unexpected.

Student Alexander Claudio said: “The reason I wear crocs is because they were my brother’s before he passed away. So, I wear them proudly every day in honor of him.”

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