Students remain divided on COVID vaccine

Courtney Cole/ Delta Staff Writer 

Since the world has been in a global pandemic for over a year now, many countries are continually giving out vaccines to their citizens to try to decrease the amount of COVID-19 cases everyday. 

A recent survey of 100 students on campus, found that 60% said that they would get, or had already gotten, the vaccines. Another 20% said that they would get the vaccine if it was a requirement for either a job or to go to school in the fall. The last 20% said they would not get the vaccine, no matter what the circumstances were.

Jarvis Lawson, a sophomore football player at MVC, has already received his COVID-19 shot and he is happy that he was able to get it for free while it is offered just in case the government chooses for people to pay to receive the vaccine. 

Even if Lawson did not receive the vaccine, he still would have gotten it for a job or even to go to school. He wants to be able to have a job to make money and to be financially stable within his life. 

Since he does already have the vaccine he is hoping that it is able to benefit everyone in a way that can get a jump back to how life was before COVID-19 had actually happened.

“Better get it done now,” Lawson said. “Before you have to pay for it.” 

Savanna McCutchen, a freshman wrestler at MVC decided that she would rather not get the vaccine as of right now because the vaccine was developed too quickly for her and she still thinks that the people who are receiving the vaccine now are testing out to see if it truly works. 

McCutchen decided that she would get the vaccine if it had become a requirement for jobs or either schools because she wants to continue on with her lifestyle. She wants to also know the side effects that will happen when taking the vaccine, that is another reason why she would not want to get the vaccine. 

She would take it in the future if it begins to benefit people and has no type of side effects. She would like to wait a few years to see if COVID-19 decreases or begins to get worse. It just depends on a day to day basis. 

“I do not trust it right now,” McCutchen said “I will wait for the guinea pigs who took the vaccine to have side effects or not.” 

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