Students find ways to defray cost of college

By Colin Ruthenberg / Delta Staff Writer

What do three trips in a private jet, Kobe Bryant’s Championship rings, a top-of-the-line jet pack, a BMW M4 and a four-year degree from Missouri Valley College have in common? They all have a list price of $120,000. But there is a catch, the degree you earn from MVC likely will cost significantly less than the sticker price thanks to large amounts of financial aid from the school.

Tuition, room and board, and student fees for MoVal cost $31,300 per year. However, according to, 98% of MVC students receive some sort of financial aid. The Interim Director of Financial Aid Derek Bohnsack said, elaborating on the website’s information.

“All Full-Time Traditional (face to face) students at MVC are on scholarship,” Bohnsack said. “The scholarships vary between academic, athletic, MVC institutional, endowed, and many more.”

Full-time face-to-face is any student who takes 12-18 units on campus. 

While $31,000 a year may seem pricey for college, it is actually under the national average for college expenses according to The national average cost falls at $35,720 per student, per year. 

The school offers payment plans which give students the opportunity to split up the payments into 4 per semester. On top of that, there are work-study campus jobs that have over 50 jobs for students to apply for and get paid directly for their work here on campus.

While a large amount of money from the base price of over $31,000 can come off through scholarships, work-study, and other various financial aid, in most cases it isn’t all of it.

Rubal Pradhan, a first-year MVC student from Nepal, is on an academic scholarship that makes his first year free. Moving forward he will be employed by the school to help pay the bills utilizing the work-study program here at MVC.

Courtney Cole, a student from Kansas City, Missouri, is using Federal loans to help front the cost of college. 

Josh Simon, a student-athlete from Aruba, plays baseball and has a little help from the school and his mom to make ends meet financially. 

“I’m on an athletic scholarship, my mom is currently helping me pay the rest of my school fees,” Simon said. 

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