Students explore interests through electives

By Courtney Cole /Delta Staff Writer 

At Missouri Valley College, they have many electives that students can choose from such as multiple arts classes to even harder electives such as comparative secret text. But every student has that one elective that they truly had fun and enjoyed taking.

Sydney Young, a junior at Missouri Valley College talks about her favorite elective was first aid/CPR class. That is because she has not had that training since she was in eighth grade. Which is a seven year difference from when she took it last year she took the course which was last spring, right before COVID-19 had happened. Since the school is able to offer the course, with this happening it was able to refresh her brain.

“I feel like if there was an emergency situation I would actually be able to help and know the proper way to handle the situation versus kinda knowing what to do,” Young said.

That is one of the elective courses that are more of a harder elective since it actually deals with a life or death and situation. But on the other hand some students like to enjoy the more laid back electives that are more of expressing one’s feelings or even their talents.

Jessica Mallette, a sophomore at MVC talks about her favorite elective at the college is ceramics. She loves to not only create art and things but also being able to combine multiple ideas such as seeing two items that she is intrigued in but not wanting to have to pay for both.

Being able to combine both of those items to make it her very own. Many students tend to agree with this elective due to the fact that it is sorta easy but also gives the student a way of expressing themselves without having to actually speak, they will express it through their artwork. Also being that students are more hands on, means that they enjoy being able to feel and knead the clay to create a piece of work. 

Along with the electives that count towards the more talent aspects would be theater appreciation. Issac Bausley, junior football player at Missouri Valley College who has taken the theatre appreciation class talks about how he truly enjoys the class because it is an easy class that is also entertaining at the same time even though the point of the class is to learn. The other reason why Bausley truly enjoys the class because it takes him out of his comfort zone. It helps him explore new things that he is not into on a daily basis. 

These are only few of the electives that students enjoy taking at Missouri Valley College but there are many more that the college has to offer. 

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