Registration under way for next academic year

By Colin Ruthenberg / Delta Staff Writer

Registration for the next academic year is open with over 480 classes are being offered in person and online. 

An email from Registrar Marsha Lashley outlined the details of the registration process. It is a multiple-step process that requires talking to an advisor before you select your classes. 

“STEP #1:  CONTACT YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISOR — Schedule an appointment to discuss your plans and map out a path to graduation.  REGISTRATION ACCESS CODES have been assigned and you must contact your academic advisor to get your Registration Access Code.  You will not be able to enroll online until this Registration Access Code is received,” said Lashley in the highly informative email. 

Following step one, students went to and clicked on MyMoval proceeded by student web services. From there, students have options ranging from Registration and Course Offerings to Financial Aid and Transcripts. 

Like most colleges and universities around the nation, seniors had the first chance at it. Their registration date opened on March 22nd with the last date opening for freshmen opening as late as March 26th. However, if you had a large outstanding balance with the business office, your status was put on hold until the balance was taken care of, meaning that you were unable to register for classes.

Blake Perry, an upperclassmen student-athlete at MVC, said registering for classes wasn’t too hard and obtaining the access code from his advisor wasn’t tough. However, Perry did mention that the process could be easier though. 

“Having a list of the exact classes I need for my degree and having the counselor tell me what I need to get in order to graduate in 4 years,” Perry said. 

Ivory Daniels, also a student-athlete at MVC, echoed the same idea and struggles regarding a class outline.

“We have a classes catalog and it can be very confusing sometimes to find all the possible classes that you can take as it relates to your major. I feel that maybe mock schedules could help and benefit students in the long run,” Daniels said. 

Daniels also referenced the challenges of figuring out who his advisor was when he first got here and needed to register with the access code. 

“In the beginning, I didn’t know who my counselor was but when I did realize who it was getting into contact with him was no trouble at all,” Daniels said.

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