Out with the old… renovations planned for Ferguson Center

By Matias Maquieira / Delta Staff Writer

Summer is usually when the maintenance staff at Missouri Valley College tackles large projects, but crews are getting an early start on one project in the Ferguson Center.

Maintenance staff removed the mailbox area located in Ferguson Center last month in preparation for a significant renovation effort this summer. 

The mailbox area had been in place for decades, but as students received fewer letters, it fell into disuse. Their removal now makes room to move the Student Success Center to that space, placing it closer to the registrar, admissions and business offices to assist the student community better.

With the demolition mostly done, the remodel portion will take part early this summer. 

The current Student Success Center, located in the Ferguson Center’s lower level, will be remodeled to house the MVC IT Department. Moving the IT staff from the tech center will be good as almost all the offices will located in the same building to assist anyone with their needs. 

“I feel the renovation of the space and moving IT to Ferguson will be a great asset to the students of MVC,” Tim Schulte, vice president of operations, said. “It will allow students the ability to work through multiple departments almost simultaneously.” 

The Ferguson renovations are just one summer project Schulte and his staff are planning for in the summer of 2021. Among these are window replacement in several buildings, HVAC upgrades in multiple areas, and creating multiple computer lab spaces across campus.

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