Students are getting ready for finals week

Colton Crawford/Delta Staff Writer

With finals right around the corner and the school year coming to a close, students are winding down and preparing for the dreaded finals week.

Rhonda Ryther said there are a number of advantages a student at MVC could obtain by visiting the Learning Center.

“Many students take advantage of the Learning Center and our services here,” she said. “It offers a nice relaxing environment for study, computer and printer access, MLA and APA resources, scheduled tutoring and test proctoring services.”

Ryther also wanted to make students aware of the fact that the Learning Center tutors will not be available during the regular hours during finals week because they also have finals of their own.

“If you need help with a paper or anything else you need to plan ahead and see a tutor this week at the latest,” she said.

Students will be taking advantage of all that the college has to offer in order to prepare for finals. Quiet rooms in Murrell Library give students a place to study with no distractions. There and the Learning Center offer many resources including computers and study materials to get ready for their finals.

Full time student and freshman Max Filinger said he has a plan for how he will be preparing for finals week.

“I’ll get ready for finals week by probably going to a quiet environment like the library or the lobby of my dormitory and study until I feel confident enough for my exams,” he said.

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