Covid limits some campus visitors but not all

By Shu’Ron Thompson / Delta Staff Writer

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic Missouri Valley College put policies in place that prohibited off-campus guests in residence halls and severely limited spectators at athletic and artistic events. Despite these prohibitions, campus tours have continued, allowing prospective students and their parents access to the college and its facilities.

Jessica Green, Assistant Director of Admissions, that while tours have continued and are even encouraged, precautions are in place to keep everyone on the tour safe.  

“With Covid, the only change we really had was limiting the number of people we could have on a tour,” she said. “Wearing a mask isn’t that big of an issue since everyone pretty much is already wearing one. We also are able to take temperatures as they come in as an extra precaution and social distance.”

Current Valley students around campus also think that taking a tour around campus is very important, but precautions need to always be taken to continue to keep individuals safe like the college did with games. T’kyra Allen said she ahs seen the tours going on throughout the year. 

“When a family is on tour and they come to the weight room, they will come into the weight room and sometimes stay and watch,” she said. “I remember when they used to watch from the window.” 

Allen said she feels that due to Covid-19 individuals who are on tour shouldn’t mix with those who attend the college for extra safety precautions, especially since individuals aren’t allowed to come together to attend games. 

On the other hand, D’krya Allen feels that tours are very important to take due to the fact that individuals should dig deeper and do research on where they’re going to possibly live for the next four years of their lives. 

“I think it’s very important to take a tour before coming because not many people realize how small campus is before they get here and then end up leaving because most people aren’t used to a small hometown,” she said.

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