Summer ‘vacation’ means finding a job for many students

By Tynan Braymiller/Delta Staff Writer

While Summer may not officially start until June, it’s only days away for students at Missouri Valley College. For most of them, the carefree days of youth are gone, replaced instead with more adult responsibilities.

Mika Taganeca, a senior from Hannibal, said he plans to find a job, but will also spend time with his motorcycle.

“I plan on working most of the summer,” he said. “This school is very expensive so I can’t really take much time off of work, although I do plan on riding my bike everywhere. I love driving my bike on nice days. There’s nothing better than doing 100mph on open roads.”

Senior Chase Ohm also plans to spend some time on the road. Following the end of finals, he’ll road trip across the country to get back home to California.

“The drive is about 20hours,” Ohm said. “It won’t be that bad because I’m splitting the drive with two other people so it’ll be easier, but when I get home I will be working on our ranch and might find a side job for some pocket money.”  

Cameron Kennaley is a senior who will be graduating following the summer intersession. He has a three-part plan for how to spend his summer.

“I plan on working, doing my summer classes and drinking beer this summer,” he said.

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