eBooks vs Books: Both have their fans

By Felipe Yamashiro Souza / Delta Staff Writer

For a long time books were the main source of information and entertainment, but now more advanced technologies pushing books aside. In recent year, ebooks have emerged as an option for textbooks, but some people argue that they prefer reading traditional books over ebooks.

The reason people choose ebooks is because of its convenience.

“I rather have ebooks because it makes life so much easier for me,” freshmen Gabriel Pinheiro said. “Aside from being cheaper than a normal book, I can have an entire gallery of books on my computer, which helps to carry around instead of having heavy books in my backpack.”

Others can find a balance, using the best of both worlds.

“In the way I see things, people are using ebooks as a way to read only a chapter or two, something quick to study or something like that,” said Dr. Bryan Carson, Director of Murrell Library and Commons. “If students want to read an entire book they would prefer the traditional book over ebook, that’s the way I see things here in the library.”

But the old ways never get old according to some students.

“I like the feel of a real book,” student Kevion Long said. “I think that when I have an ebook I’m not studying. Having a real book gives me a feeling that I’m actually learning something and searching through the pages has such a nice feeling.”

Even when technology is reaching its peak to make life easier for people, books will always be around, they will keep adapting as the world moves forward.

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