Students forced to find food outside the dining hall

By Kevion Long/Delta Staff Writer

It’s no secret that students at Missouri Valley College have complaints about the dining hall with the most frequent concerns being availability and variety of food, but also the way the food is presented.

Student-athlete Gabrielle Parsaio said he is not pleased with the food provided by the cafeteria.

“They seem to always serve the same food all the time,” he said. “I get tired of eating the same thing.”

Parsaio also mentioned how the cafeteria hours were way too early for students and wished that the cafeteria stayed open later. The cafeteria currently opens for dinner at 4:30 p.m. and closes at 7 p.m. only giving students 3 hours and 30 minutes to get dinner.

Student athletes like Parsaio find this amount of time unreasonable due to the fact they have practice and sometimes are not able to make it to the cafeteria in time. With the cafeteria being one of the students only places to get food on campus, they are then either left hungry late at night or are having to spend money on fast food.

“A lot of the time I am still hungry after eating at the caf so early in the evening which then causes me to have to go get food I can microwave like ramen noodles, Hot Pockets, and pizza rolls,” Parsaio said, adding that he wishes the cafeteria was 24 hours so students could go down and basically get dinner at any time. 

The cafeteria provides to go boxes to simply keep the number of students inside the cafeteria down and give students the option to take their food back to their room. Students have found a problem with this due to the to go boxes being Styrofoam and causing dumpsters to become more full than ever.

“If the cafeteria used better to go boxes students wouldn’t have so much trash in their rooms,” Parsaio said.

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