Fall means new faces on campus

By Courtney Cole/Managing Editor 

For those who have been around Missouri Valley College for years, the annual influx of new faces is a normal event, but college is a new experience for first year students and everyone has their own opinion on how they expect their first semester to go. 

Darrell Grimmet, a freshman wrestler who is new to MoVal, is originally from Grandview, which is located an hour and half away from Marshall. He said he is very excited to finally be able to attend college and show off on the wrestling mat. 

First -year students pose on the quad during welcome weekend activities. The colors of their shirts denote their section of Freshman Seminar. Photo courtesy Tiffany Bergman.

While he has only been wrestling for two years, he believes that Missouri Valley College will be the perfect place to pursue his wrestling career and get the most bang for his buck and to succeed in his business and entrepreneurship major. 

College was literally what he had expected before he had come. Grimmet said it was fun, fast and wild and he is pretty much on his own. Even though college has just started, he is happy that he is able to get through all of his classes without having to buy a single textbook. He also has a plan for the semester ahead. 

“Take second string in wrestling, finish the semester with a 3.0 GPA and the road to the top is lonely,” Grimmet said. 

Dalton Wiser is a freshman football player from Wright City who is majoring in sports training. Football is the only sport that really piqued his interest and was the main reason why he came to Missouri Valley College. 

Wiser said college really was not different from what he expected. Personally, he does not think it is hard and even if he had gone to a bigger school, he doubts it would be any different.  

Wiser said his main goal for the semester is to maintain his grades to stay eligible for football and “keep doing me.” 

Another new face would be D’Szarion Brown who is from Dallas, Texas. His true intentions were never to come to Valley but his cousin made him have a change of heart. He said his goal is to expand his creativity in drawing and to get his degree. So far, being on the campus reminds him much of high school and the only difference is that everyone lives at the school. 

These are only a few of the students from the incoming freshman class who are excited to start their new journey in college. Welcome to the 2021-22 school year at Missouri Valley College. Convocation Week runs from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3. There will be multiple events that will be happening throughout campus for students and faculty to enjoy. 

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