Final Words from the Class of 2021

By Jesse Pope/MVC Delta Staff Writer

Everyone can agree that this last year has been nothing short of interesting. From being welcomed back to in-person classes in August to sports and clubs being reintroduced, another year has come and gone which means another group of seniors are ready to graduate.

Senior Talia Hutchings, said that her time at Missouri Valley College has been fun.

“I had a blast at MoVal and always felt like there was something to do or be involved in,” she said. “I feel as though being on a team helped with this.”

Hutchings said she was involved with Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi and Student Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA). Hutchings said that the advice she would give to incoming freshmen, would to “get involved and make the most of it. Take advantage of the events on campus!” After graduation, Hutchings plans on teaching math at La Monte High School.

Jaclyn Davis, a senior at MoVal majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus in Mass Communications, said her time at Missouri Valley has been spent involved in basketball, Alpha Chi and Alpha Lambda Chi. Davis said that if she had to choose one word to describe her time at Valley, that it would be “Pride.”

“During my time at Valley I gained so much more than just a degree,” she said. “I gained friends, skills and I was able to learn so much more about myself and who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. l I feel so much pride to have chosen Missouri Valley and become a Viking.”

After graduation, Davis plans on staying at MoVal as an Admissions Representative while pursuing her Masters in Applied Communication at the University of Central Missouri. 

Fallon Dyer is a senior at Valley majoring in Exercise Science with a Minor Psychology and Business. During her time at Valley, she was heavily involved in the rodeo team. One word Dyer would use to describe her years at Valley, is “diverse, because there are a lot of different student backgrounds.”

Dyer said her advice for incoming students would be to “enjoy it all. It goes faster than you can even imagine!”

After graduation, Fallon plans to build a multi million dollar organization from her phone with her online business.

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