Administration grapples with possibility of vaccine mandate

By Courtney Cole/Managing Editor

With COVID-19 still being a global pandemic, President Joe Biden has proposed making the Coronavirus vaccine mandatory for millions of Americans who work for companies that employ more than 100 people.

What would that mean for Missouri Valley College? MVC President Bonnie Humphrey that although the topic  is very polarizing across the country, if it becomes a requirement for employers, the college would follow the rules.

According to plan outlined on, Missouri Valley College would most likely be among those required to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for employees. There will likely be exemptions due to a health restriction or religious reasons.

Humphrey noted that a mandate might cause the college to lose some of its employees, which is a huge reason why it has not pushed for a vaccination mandate. 

“I have to follow the policy set forth by the Board of Trustees and if my trustees vote for any type of mandate, I am obliged to follow it,” Humphrey said. “And there are just so many pieces to it.” 

The school has offered incentives not only students, but faculty as well to get vaccinated. Humphrey said she feels the best thing to do is to keep a calm attitude while waiting to see what President Biden decides to do.

“I am just encouraging everyone to get the vaccine.” said Humphrey 

Tim Schulte, who is the Vice President of Operations, said he is a very firm believer of the vaccine because it helps those who have underlying issues, but he does not favor making the vaccine mandatory. 

Schulte feels it should be one’s choice if they want to get vaccinated or not, as for many other healthcare decisions across the United States. He believes that it is your body so that means it is your choice. 

However, if President Humphrey and the Board of Trustees make it mandatory, Schulte will support every bit of it. He believes that there also has to be some mandated exclusion for those for religious reasons or even health care reasons.

“I think regarding the mandatory vaccine requirements that president Biden and portions of the United States are trying to push, in my opinion it should be left up to individuals’ concerns,” Schulte said. “With decisions, families should be able to make those decisions together just like they raise children. The government should just not be involved.”

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