Dining hall ends ‘to go’ boxes

By Felipe Souza/News Editor

When Missouri Valley College reopened its doors after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, students and staff had the option to attend the dining hall and get a “to go” box so they could take their food and eat in their rooms so they could avoid contact with other students at the tables.

Now, after almost two years, the dining hall went back to its old format, allowing patrons to only eat at the dining hall and getting rid of boxes, but that decision led to some mixed reactions.

“The to-go boxes were never offered prior to Covid-19 outbreak. All foodservice businesses adapted to to-go’s to stay in business and get people fed,” Chuck Voltmer, director of dining services said. “The need for this offering is not necessary any longer and is not sustainable for the business or the college. All of our options at the Bistro in the Malcolm Center are to go if you feel the need for a to go meal.”

Some staff are unhappy with the decision of coming back to the normal dining hall rules.

“I don’t think anyone is happy about it,” Assistant Professor Jennifer Justice said. “Many faculty and staff were using the to-go option. Quite a few faculty members were using it to alleviate their busy schedule, whether because they had to teach during lunch or so they could continue working. We were never given an explanation, and we couldn’t tell students the reason behind the ban when they asked us about the new policy.”

And students also think that the rule shouldn’t have changed.

“The to-go boxes were very convenient for me, as I have small breaks between my classes where I could go pick up some food and not have to worry about staying in the cafeteria for too long and being late,” Freshman Alena Blachowski said.

If you are still looking for to go option, the Bistro will be available for hot meals from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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