Crime remains low at MVC

By: Meliyah Venerable / Delta Sports Editor 

Missouri Valley College’s Annual Crime report for the 2020-21 academic year has been released, showing that Valley continues to be a fairly safe campus. 

There was one on campus rape reported last year, the same number reported the year before. According to Partners in Prevention “35% of Missouri college students indicate that the non-consensual sexual contact occurred while attending their current college or university”. 

Although the number of reported burglaries has decreased, dropping from 6 reported burglaries to 5, it can still be alarming to some students. Public safety suggests students can take steps to prevent their things from getting stolen. 

“Students can help by keeping their doors locked to their rooms at all times so their items do not get stolen,” Director of Public Safety Nick Boehmer said. “Students need to make sure that they keep their backpack, etc. with them at all times. Students need to stay with their laundry at all times. Students can also make sure the outer doors are secure on their buildings.”

The annual report does show that disciplinary referrals have continued to increase year by year on campus. Liquor law violations made a 27.5% increase last year. Drug abuse violations stayed at the same rate, having 15 referrals in the past two years. The MVC campus is a dry campus,  meaning no liquor should be in dorms. The Residence Advisers are in charge of enforcing this rule within dorm halls. Having an increase infractions raises the question: Have the RAs cracked down or is there really just more alcohol on campus?

“I definitely think that RAs are cracking down because with it being a dry campus there shouldn’t be any alcohol/drug problems,” Madilyn Markel the Residence Coordinator of MacDonald Hall said. “With the RA’s cracking down it’s our job to enforce the policies and keep residents safe.”

Aside from public safety, RCs and RAs have the job of keeping the dorms under control. They have to ensure the safety and security of the many residence halls around campus. But they don’t always see what is going on in every dorm constantly. So it is important to contact them if something does happen. 

“The biggest thing that any student or resident could do is talk to the RAs and RCs about things that they see,”  James Lahrman, the RC of the East College community explained. “In my area we only have seven staff members to watch over 100 students which means we do not always catch everything that goes on.  And if some students felt unsafe at any point please contact an RA, RC, or Public Safety and we will be more than happy to help any student.”

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