Humans are OBSESSED with personal identity and gender roles

By Kenneth Crenshaw Jr. / Delta Opinion Editor

In simplest terms, Feminism is relating to or supporting women in their efforts to pursue better conditions in society. I’ve spoken to Missouri Valley College students on their views on the current state in which men and women are treated. 

Toxic Masculinity is vaguely defined as aggressive actions or attitudes from men who believe they are justified because they are men. For example, this could mean showing negativity towards other men who may show “feminine” qualities. We now understand that human personalities are vibrant and broad. However, previous ideals lead us to believe that a “true man” is supposed to be stoic, a protector, and lead behind his brute force.

Masculinity only becomes toxic when they submit to rigid forms of masculinity and discriminate against those who choose to live outside those parameters. Men who are emotional are looked at as feminine because emotional intelligence and expression is regarded as a female trait. 

This skewed view of how roles are socially constructed affects everyone ! Men and women are left with choice to pass down these rigid ideas or act against traditional forces. More women living in the United States are inspired to pursue careers women were told not to venture into. Women are fully capable of being breadwinners and hold positions of great power. 

On the contrary, women are also to blame for their own demise as well. There are those who may agree with the structures that are currently in place and have found their niche. This is an example of someone who seeks to benefit from their place of privilege in society. Great change only happens when we are all able to empathize with someone with no privileges at all. Men and Women have to take the place of the minority who feels limited behind their inability to be the person they desire to be because of gender roles. 

Gender is completely fluid. In fact, we are shaped by our exposures to different ways of life in order to find more understanding about ourselves. Men who are very strong should be able to cry and express all of their emotions, not just anger.  Women should be able to define their own place in the world by their capabilities, not just their looks. 

The level of expectations has to change for what men expect out of other men. We as people have to police each other on what it is that’s harming society such as discrimination and limitation. This is subjective to our age, culture, and even location. 

These expectations apply to how we treat our friendships and relationships as well.  The way we interact with each other has to change. Understanding that our children are affected by our subtle differences in how we carry ourselves and our interactions with others. 

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