‘Wingo’ to be held next week in the Malcom Center 

By Matias Maquieira/Delta Staff Writer 

After taking a year off due to Covid, “Wingo” is returning to Missouri Valley College. The event, which lets students have free chicken wings while they play bingo will take place place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4 in the Bacon Room of the Malcolm Center. 

“Wingo” was first done in September, 2019 and according to Student Affairs staff it was a big hit, so they are bringing it back for the students to enjoy it once again. Bingo is an easy and fun game for almost everybody and a number of prizes will be awarded to game winners. 

Noting that the students that were at MVC in 2019 are now juniors or seniors, and that the most that attend the extra activities organized on campus are newcomers, there are different opinions. 

“I think it is a weird idea, I am definitely not going to go,” freshman Blanca Noriega said. “In my opinion it promotes unhealthy eating, I prefer the sports intramurals that keep us moving.” 

However, junior Pablo Hernandez stated that bingo is a fun game and that he would like to have a blast with his friends, and that “if they offer free food…I’m in!” 

What is for sure is that this unusual idea has to be given an opportunity.

“When it was hosted in 2019 I was a student here at Valley,” said James Rowlett, the Malcolm Center coordinator. “I enjoyed myself even though all the wings were gone in about 10 minutes. I hope that everyone else will enjoy themselves this semester at Wingo.” 

By his advice, you should be going and most importantly make sure that you don’t turn up late, or it will be just bingo for you. 

Wingo continues the Office of Student Affairs trend of bringing back on-campus activities for students. Other examples include the haunted house at Blosser Hall on Friday, October 29th or the 5v5 soccer intramural that is taking place this week in the Malcolm gym.

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