Students brace for arrival of flu season

By Colton Crawford/Delta Staff Writer

Fall is upon us here at Valley, and with the colder weather comes sickness. Covid-19 may still have our full attention, but we cannot forget about the power of the flu.

The flu (Influenza) is a contagious respiratory virus that affects the human body in many different ways. Symptoms include, fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches or fatigue, headaches, and in some cases vomiting. The CDC states that flu season starts in October, peaks in December and ends around May. CDC statistics show the 2020-2021 flu season in the United States had around 35 million illnesses, 380 thousand hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths.

Campus nurse Casey Vogelsmeier said students here at campus can prevent getting the flu.

“Students at Valley can prevent the flu by practicing good hand hygiene by frequently washing hands with soap and water, or using an alcohol based hand sanitizer, avoiding touching the mouth, nose, and eyes as these are easy entries for germs,” she said. “Most importantly staying home or assigned room if you are sick and especially if you have a fever. You should limit contact or avoid close contact with others to keep them from getting sick. It’s also important to practice good health habits. Getting plenty of rest, managing stress, being physically active, eating healthy and nutritious foods, and staying hydrated can all be beneficial in preventing illness.”

Missouri Valley College sophomore Betsy Roemer explained what she does to get over the flu.

“I usually try to stay very hydrated, I take a lot of vitamin C, and at night I take Nyquil to help sleep,” she said. “If it’s really taking a toll on my body, I try to just stay in bed and sleep it off.”

The flu shot is always an option to take when it comes to flu season. Although the flu shot is not 100% effective, it can help lower the severity of the sickness. With the flu season underway, students should try their best to maintain healthy hygiene and consider receiving the flu shot.

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