Fights reported in dorms

By Devon Lee / Staff Writer

While physical altercations are rare at Missouri Valley College, three fights were reported in campus dorms between Nov. 13, 2021 to Jan. 12, 2022.

The 2021-2022 Daily Crime and Fire Log shows that the most recent fight between two unidentified students occured at Redman dorm A at 1455 S. Redman Ave. 

Students don’t have to be on high alert during intense occurrences like student fights because dorm residency staff workers and public safety are there to end those events. Connor Swift, the associate dean of students in the Student Affairs office, assured students that dorms are safe places for students.

“I think in any instance, the staff in the residence halls are there to maintain the peace,” Swift said. 

Altercations of any kind are handled by MVC public safety as well as residency staff of campus dorms.

“If there is an altercation, they will contact public safety and take the steps needed to ensure that their community is safe,” said Swift. “My staff does rounds through the buildings and ensures that policies are being followed and everyone in the community is safe.”

A possible cause of fighting at MVC is conversations students have amongst each other. Students that overhear conversations filled with negativity believe that is enough to be a leading factor.

Lorenzo Fagiani, a business administration major and soccer player, was not shocked to find out about students fighting on campus.

“I am not too surprised about student fighting, conversations students have are not good,” he said.

Another cause of fighting is believed to be the diversity of students at MVC not getting along with each other.

Francesco Caratti, an economics major and Tennis player, noted that there can be friction when people from different backgrounds come into contact with one another.

“People are from different places and have different cultures,” he said. “This can lead to fighting.”

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