Students spend Spring Break in a variety of ways

By Pedro Santos / Staff Writer

After the midterms comes that time everybody has waited for since the start of the semester: the spring break.

Some people plan their trip for months while others see this period as an opportunity to take some rest on campus, or even find ways to make more money without worrying about classes.

Pedro Depieri, a senior, had a great time visiting Cancun for the first time. He said the Mexican resort twon had been a place he always wanted to go.

“When I was around 16 years old, I wanted to go to Cancun because of the spring break videos I used to see online,” Depieri said. “So it could not be different now in my last semester at the Valley, I enjoyed every single time there.”  

Some people had to stay here due to other prior issues, as was the case with the softball team. Cherr`elee Miles, a softball player from Valley was one of them.

“I had to stay here during the break because we were supposed to have a game, which unfortunately was postponed due to the weather,” she said,

Despite the cancellation, Miles said that she did not have a bad time, and it was a time to focus on practice and relax the mind for a week. 

Another student had different thoughts about the break and saw that as a good opportunity to make some money out of it. Elijah Wise lives 15 minutes from Valley, in Miami Mo., where his family owns a farm called Wise Farming LLC.

“I usually work there, but this week it was possible for me to also work for another farmer west of Marshall,” Wise said. 

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