Strategic Plan discussed at student government meeting

By Temo Olvera / Staff Writer

A new strategic plan is being drafted for Missouri Valley College.

“The strategic plan will help us decide what we do and don’t spend money on,” said Dr. Gary Heisserer, the director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning. “There’s never enough money for everything.”

Heisserer spoke at the Student Government meeting headed by SGA president Austin Kostelnik and Heath Morgan, the vice president of Student Affairs. Community outreach and campus activities were discussed most. Student Government now allows organizations to request funds for such things.

“They don’t even know we exist,” said Madison Vogelsmeier. “They only know us for sports.”

Many members spoke up about events that they are planning to host. Members of the MVC Book Club exchanged glances as another meeting member advocated for having more things like the Poetry Slam or a student book club. Jamie Gold-Naylor, the faculty advisor for Non-Profit Leadership Alliance, said she feels there is a lot of community outreach, but our communication is lacking.

James Rowlett, the Director of Activities, said he is putting together a master calendar that will allow students, faculty, and coaches to see upcoming events. This will allow for minimum overlap and should increase participation. 

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