MVC students, athletes love coffee

By Devon Lee / Staff Writer

Coffee is the drink that MVC students and athletes continue to drink during their Spring 2022 semester. Along with other drinks like juice, milk and water, coffee is still widely consumed by students during the week.

The Bistro, cafeteria and Murrell library serve coffee during the week. A total of 14 different coffee creations are for sale at the Bistro alone.

Carmella con Panna is a current favorite for many. This coffee is a vanilla pump with milk, espresso, and caramel that sells for $4.95. They sell sizes of 12, 16, and 20 ounces per serving.

One of the Bistro’s other popular creations is a coffee called the “Speedball.” This is a mix of espresso and an add on choice of coffee creamer. They also sell brewed coffee for $2.00. 

The Bistro sees busy peak times often and they have plenty of coffee consumers. With the proper weather, the Bistro will have students in line for a coffee.

“White chocolate lattes and caramel lattes sell the most,” said Nicole Rubio, a visual art graphic design major, and one of the Bistro workers.

Rubio noted that there are many coffee choices because of the number of international students at MVC. They are used to different coffees where they are from, she said. In addition, she shared that during the days the campus has sunny weather, the Bistro becomes really busy.

Coffee is a popular beverage, but what makes it so good that students have to drink it every day? Is having coffee every day an actual need as needing water every day?

A fellow student’s reasoning on the matter was that students take supplementary products to aid them during sports. Coffee itself was compared to a supplement product.

“Yes athletes should drink coffee, some of them are taking pre-workout so it’s basically the same thing,” MVC student Anthony Good, a sports management major, said.

With student-athletes being able to drink coffee during their sports, what keeps them drinking it often? Another MVC student thinks the taste influences consumers.

“Sweetness is why they drink it,” Trevon Gambrell, a Business major, said. “It is also that boost that coffee gives people.”

Rubio has her own theory as to why student-athletes should have coffee. 

She said athletes needed the coffee to help them gain energy, it helps athletes when they are tired, and it helps them practice harder. She feels that she needs coffee herself when she feels tired.

Students believe that athletes need coffee and they are okay with athletes drinking it whenever they want.

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