Students find ways to adapt to college life

By Chrissiana Ford / Staff Writer

Students undergo a lot of different emotions and changes throughout their college journey and finding the best way to make the transition can be a challenge. 

Gabi Morales, an advisor in charge of student success on campus deals with students every day who are struggling with the college process. She noted that for many students it is their first step into the world as adults.

“They have to deal with trying to navigate college life without their parents here,” Morales said.

Missouri Valley College is a private school that students attend for academic or athletic reasons. Missouri Valley allows students to come from all over the world, most having some form of scholarship to pay for their attendance. Although the total number of students is somewhere between 1200- 1500 it’s very diverse consisting of almost every U.S state and at least fifty different countries. 

The change from high school to college is extremely different. Most students have had their parents with them every step of the way. When entering college you become on your own which can sometimes be hard for some at first. The start of college possibly could take a toll on one’s mental health.

Missouri Valley is filled with athletes who have traveled from far places to continue their athletic careers. Trevaris Hammond , a freshman who plays football at the college, came from a large high school and said he is used to a school Valley’s size.

“I’m still trying to adapt as we speak,” he said. “This environment is way smaller.” 

The life of a collegiate athlete exceeds his expectations. Since this was Hammond’s first year playing football on a college level he struggled with finding the balance between academics and athletics. Maintaining good grades isn’t difficult as long as the student is able to manage the time well.

“Coming in as a freshman you just want to have fun so you just have to set everything into perspective to be eligible to play,” Hammond said. 

First-time college students enter college students with mostly stories and hopes, but really no expectations at all. When it comes to college life nothing can really prepare you for it. College is all about adaptation and self-growth. The overall experience is what you make it. Though college can be tough it is not all bad. 

Mike Lorry, an international student from France, said that he attended the college for a new environment and its experiences. He has enjoyed his time here At Missouri Valley. For him, the journey of traveling to college in a different country has been exciting.

The overall college experience is what you make it. Different students experience different feelings and emotions going through this transition. Advisors and professors assist students with this as much as they can.

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