Students express their concerns during forum

By Joao Vitor Bonanoni / Staff Writer

Students had the opportunity to put their voices out and be heard by the Missouri Valley College Administration team during a Student Forum held on April 7.

Although only a few students attended, those who did were more than willing to stand up for their ideas. 

Katie Montini, president of the MVC Theta Phi Alpha chapter, voiced concerns about the lack of support from the college to the Greek Life organization in the past years. 

“There are a lot of values to Greek life on our campus and other campuses,” said Montini. “I think it’s time to start recognizing and supporting Greek life.”

Montini, throughout her speech, mentioned the positive impacts that the sorority has been having on its members and also on campus life. The organization has volunteered in The Living Center nursing home, hosted a Pink Out Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and participated in other events.

The MVC Theta Phi Alpha president presented some ideas to make this connection stronger among the Greek organizations, college students and the Marshall Community. 

“…inviting more Greek organizations to colonize our campus, competition helps Greek Life thrive.” She also said providing a time during Freshman Orientation and Seminar to the fraternity and sorority would help promote Greek Life on campus. 

Heath Morgan, Vice President of Student Affairs, when commenting about Montini’s concerns and ideas, pointed out the importance of first recolonizing older fraternities on campus. Also, Morgan expressed that the college has been supporting the organizations in the best way possible.

“We want you, we fight for you, but there is only so much we can do,” said Morgan.

By the end of his speech, the Vice President of Student Affairs showed that the college is willing to work together with the Greek organizations to improve their projects. 

Maddie Vogelsmeier, MVC scholar and Art Club President, presented her concerns about the lack of communication on campus and the importance of improving the Missouri Valley app. 

“By keeping us all connected together, I think by creating a social platform, students can connect and see that there is stuff going on,” she said. “That’s something that our college needs to start leaning a little bit more towards.” 

Vogelsmeier has been working on a redesign of the Valley app since last semester. Based on a lot of research and development work, the student provided, during the meeting, data showing the necessity of adding more features to the college app and also improving the current ones. 

In her point of view, the Valley App can help the organizations on campus, as well as students that are not involved in any sport or activity.

“The app, I think it’s really going to help them to stay inclusive and keep these organizations thriving on campus, digitally as well,” she said.

Together with that, Vogelsmeier highlighted the importance of having our community involved with the activities on campus.

“People from outside the community and also parents, grandparents don’t actually know truly what is going on on campus,” she said. 

Heath Morgan shared that the college has the goal to promote more events like this and allow students to speak out their concerns and ideas.

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