Ferguson formal becomes a thrift store

By Temo Olvera / Staff Writer

A thrift store complete with popular music and a customer service desk took over the Ferguson Formal Lounge Wednesday. 

Jen Livengood, Lee Jones, and members of the Psychology Club set up clothing racks and display tables full of professional clothing.

“A lot of us don’t have the proper dress to go to internships and interviews,” said Dajah Robinson, a member of the Psychology Club. ”Right now that is so important for us college kids.” 

Livengood and Jones said that even if kids don’t buy anything they should still come. It shows students what professional clothing looks like.

The Psychology Club started with $20 on Wednesday morning and after just three hours $109. They took cash, Venmo, and PayPal. Livengood said the funds will go to the Psychology Club, allowing them to host events and be more active. 

“I saw a lot of my friends and we all shopped together,” said Oscar Huerta, who purchased an outfit for under $10. “It’s not all the time you see a popup thrift store with great stuff.”

The Psychology Club sent out a mass email to faculty asking for donations. They received dresses, heels, suit jackets, ties, shirts, and trousers. They are still receiving donations. Some have not been taken out of the package. 

“We had an amazing response, more than we anticipated,” said Livengood. “It could maybe be an annual event.”

Many of the clothes on the rack had an initial retail value of over a hundred dollars with name brands printed on the labels. Everything was priced at $5 or less.

“It’s really kind and generous of the faculty and staff to donate and that they felt like sharing with the students,” said Huerta 

The Psychology Club accepted all donations. Any clothes that didn’t fit the criteria were sorted out and will be donated to Powerhouse Ministries. Powerhouse owns a thrift store near Marshall Square. 

Many organizations have made it their goal to increase accessibility at Missouri Valley. The installation of infrastructure, financial aid, and opportunities to network have made it possible for students to accomplish more at Valley. 

“It shows that everybody can come and join our campus,” said Kayleigh Blaney, MVC Business Association social media manager. “Even in these old buildings, we’re able to create an accessible campus.”

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