Business students work to make campus more accessible 

By Temo Olvera/Staff Writer

A more accessible door will soon be installed on campus in honor of the late Larry Stockman.

Travis Manroe, the faculty advisor for the Business Association, said the student organization raised $7,000 to purchase and install the door. Businesses including Gladstone Urgent Care clinic, Family Foot Docs, and PixySix Agriculture made contributions. Manroe is associated with all of these businesses. 

Funding also came from SGA and fundraisers. The 60/40 raffle hosted by Enactus and the Business Association was proposed by Dr. Stockman. 

Manroe said members of the Business Association noted the ramps outside Baity, and that the door they led to was still very hard to maneuver around. The rails restrict space and the door swings out.

“We have handicapped students here who have had to be helped to get into buildings or classrooms,” said Dillan Osborn, president of the Business Association. “We also have a lot of student-athletes and injuries are part of any athlete’s career.”

The majority of Valley’s campus lacks accessible infrastructure. No male dorms have ramps. Only four of the many buildings on campus have an elevator. Many of the doors are push or pull. 

The door is planned to be installed this Thursday, April 21, by Dugan Glass. The family-owned business also worked on the Student Success Center. 

When Manroe became the faculty adviser for the Business Association there were only three members; now there are 32. He said he recruited them through the courses he taught. 

The Business Association and Enactus are two separate groups. Manroe said Enactus fits more with accounting majors while the Business Association is tailored to the needs of business management and other business majors. He said there is crossover between the two groups. 

Manroe said he would like to see the groups come together. 

The Business Association will elect members into leadership positions and have an open forum at their next meeting, April 21, 7:30 in Bairy 107. They will discuss the association’s goals and hand out prizes. Osborn said he is hoping the new leaders continue working to make campus more accessible. 

The meeting after will be a study hall, with snacks and refreshments, open to students of all majors, on April 28.

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